Great deep dive on the state-of-the-art.

And as all new Ai things, this is just the beginning stages..and looks VERY promising!

Here at https://VisualSitemaps.com, we're doing some R&D on not just UX audits of landing pages but also Information Architecture as a whole. Stay tuned..

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Re: ROI of AI for UX – The Business Impact is measured in Revenue, Cost, Risk, Profitability, Margin, etc.

Was the ROI 10x of the Investment? If not, then AI is likely not going to be perceived as a good investment by a reasonable businessperson.

An Example Calculation:

If AI saves a human UX expert 0.8 hours, but cost an additional 1.0 hours, for a net outcome of 0.2 hours, then reporting ROI to the Business would look more like this:

• UX Expert Hourly Rate: $100 x (6hrs x # of Allocated Resources)

• Costs: $100 x (# of Allocated Resources) to identify and reject hallucinations

• Risks: $100 x (# of Allocated Resources) to fix UX problems caused by overlooked AI hallucinations.

• Revenue: Calc the Negative Impact on Revenue of poor UX resulting from implementation of AI hallucinations.

• Profitability: Offset Costs and Revenue to get Profitability.

• ROI: Total Financial Gains resulting from Investment, Total Costs of AI + UX Expertise and supporting factors.

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Even if you get rid of all of the junk / hallucinations in the advice, it still seems to not be worth it - it's not telling you anything novel about your designs.

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