Thanks for the data-backed article.

Readers might like to try Google’s experimental integration of generative AI with their traditional search.


It’s grinding it’s way toward usability and feeling for a balance between the two paradigms--with queasy animation and shifting about, right on the same screen.

Regarding advertising and thwarting ingrained banner blindness:

Perhaps we’ll see more ads presented as injected utterances that arise smoothly within responses, like you.com, without breaking the mood or missing a beat. In fact, they will almost have to be that way because there’s already strong resistance to verbatim advertising string injection.

(Did you catch that ad for you.com?)

There’s nothing to stop a model developer from creating a model that itself steers people to specific advertisers and products. The entire impressions, reach, and click-through paradigm will likely have to evolve for this to work. Google seems like the company best positioned to be able to create such a model, and with the greatest incentive to do so.

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Spot on!

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