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About the Author

Jakob Nielsen, Ph.D., is a usability pioneer with 40 years of experience in UX. He founded the discount usability movement for fast and cheap iterative design, including heuristic evaluation and the 10 usability heuristics. He formulated the eponymous Jakob’s Law of the Internet User Experience. Named “the king of usability” by Internet Magazine, “the guru of Web page usability" by The New York Times, and “the next best thing to a true time machine” by USA Today. Before starting NN/g, Dr. Nielsen was a Sun Microsystems Distinguished Engineer and a Member of Research Staff at Bell Communications Research, the branch of Bell Labs owned by the Regional Bell Operating Companies. He is the author of 8 books, including Designing Web Usability: The Practice of SimplicityUsability Engineering, and Multimedia and Hypertext: The Internet and Beyond. Dr. Nielsen holds 79 United States patents, mainly on making the Internet easier to use. He received the Lifetime Achievement Award for Human–Computer Interaction Practice from ACM SIGCHI. Follow Jakob on LinkedIn.

Jakob Nielsen can speak at your company or event. Please see his speaker bureau, BrightSight Speakers, or email tom@brightsightspeakers.com

Presentation topics:

  • 10 Foundational UX Insights

  • AI & UX

  • UX: What Why How (and Who When Where)

  • UX: Past, Present, Future

  • UX Fireside Chat with Jakob Nielsen (AKA AMA).

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Jakob Nielsen, Ph.D., is a UX pioneer. He founded the discount usability movement and formulated Jakob’s Law of Internet User Experience. He's written 8 books, holds 79 US patents, and received the ACM SIGCHI Lifetime Practice Achievement Award.